Earlier this month, the first trailer for the latest take on The Batman was released. Stepping into the bat suit this time is none other than Robert Pattinson, and starring beside him as Catwoman is High Fidelity star, Zoe Kravitz. As excitement for the upcoming film arises, Twitter found itself debating which version of the character is best.

Actresses that have taken on the role in the past include Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, and Julie Newmar, but none received more criticism than Halle Berry when she put on the catsuit back in 2004.


In her film, Berry played the role of Patience Phillips, a graphic designer who works at a large cosmetics company. When she uncovers an evil plot to sell faulty beauty products, she becomes Catwoman. As The Shade Room points out, the film still sits at a nine percent critic rating and an 18% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes – a true testament to how much people disliked it at the time.

As Twitter users debated, many people found themselves stepping up to defend Halle Berry, who was either completely left off lists, or dragged by others. “The Halle Berry Catwoman movie was actually really good and I’ll die on that hill,” one person wrote.

“I remember Halle Berry catching so much flack for Catwoman growing up, then I watched it for myself and I was like?????????? Y’all did all that bashing for what,” another chimed in.


Berry herself got wind of the debate, and thanked her fans for praising her role in the film. “I’m seeing all the Catwoman love, everybody,” she tweeted, along with a laughing emoji. “Where were you guys 17 years ago?”

See more of the comedic tweets from fans of the Monster’s Ball actress below.