Gunplay is prepping his new album, which we originally knew as Medellin, but the rapper revealed that he's changed the name to better reflect himself, thus it's now called Living Legend.

While talking to HHS87 the rapper spoke on the name change, as well as expectations for his debut MMG album. Gunplay recalls days when albums were released only every few years, and says this his plan as well.

"[I'm] Ready to put out the album, [I] changed the name from Medellin. Now it's Living Legend. And Living Legend for real, for real, for real.." Gunplay emphasized. "That's what I am. That's just how I feel," he said on why he changed the title.

Gunplay said of Living Legend, "With this album, hopefully it'll be a timeless project, where it'll ride out for a few years. I grew up an artist that you love put out an album maybe once every fucking three years. That's where I'm from. Now they put out two a year. DMX blew my mind away when he came out with two albums in one year."

Watch the full interview with the rapper below. He goes on to discuss being on Lil Wayne's album, his likes and dislikes in the rap game, and his next single.