Gillette Venus has come out with a new line of products for pubic hair and skin, and they’ve taken a rather unique approach to advertising it. Most razor and shaving products opt for a spa and flowery theme while saying things like “great for all hair,” and simply showing bare legs and arms. Gillette took a brave leap forward and decided to animate a single pubic hair that sings about, well, pubic hair, and the general taboo around the word. 

The ad starts out with the title, "A Song for Pubes by Pubes," before zooming into a shower, to show a lonely hair sitting on the ledge of the soap dish, but instead of it looking gross like the taboo might dictate, it’s a cute little animation of a curly black hair that’s seemingly genuinely sad it isn’t another type of hair. 

Consisting of lyrical wordplay such as “oh what’s a curl to do” the cartoon fights against shunning the hair in under your underwear, with lyrics like “It’s okay to say our name / You really can say pubic / No need to be ashamed.”

Needless to say, the reactions to this new jingle are mixed. While some people love the ad, calling it a “masterpiece,” others still do not like the fact that the word “pubic” is being said on primetime TV. Nonetheless, that would simply prove that the song’s message is correct: people just don’t like acknowledging pubic hair and deem it as inappropriate, even though everyone has it.

Is this the beginning of a new era of pubic-hair-positivity that will take over the world? Or will this just be a funny commercial to look back at in 5 years? Only time will tell. 

Check out the new ad below and let us know your thoughts.