The well-known razor company Gillette released a new ad which sent social media into a crying fest. The ad not only delivered on the company's brand awareness goals, but it also raised awareness surrounding the realities of the trans community. The company which usually caters to the hypermasculine agenda surprised many with this well-thought out and sensible AD. Herein, a trans man by the name of Samson Brown discusses his transition. He adds: "‘I’m at the point in my manhood where I’m actually happy. It’s not just myself transitioning, it’s everybody around me transitioning." Shortly afterward, a powerful moment is captured as Samson's father helps him shave for the very first time. The tender gesture sparked quite the chatter and so especially on Twitter. Users responded to the ad with weeping and praised the company's attempts at shutting down toxic masculinity. 

Of the many comments made was the hilarious mention: "We're not crying, you're crying." While others gave accolades to the company for their efforts at inclusivity. Moreover, we realized the AD's truthful impact in its ability to touch souls on a personal level when a user stated: "As a black trans man who works in advertising, this is... Everything. Well done to @Gillette and the creative team behind this. This is the kind of work I dream of creating some day."