New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas has been celebrating a friend's wedding in the Dominican Republic this week and judging by his instagram account he's having a great time.

Casillas has posted a number of photos during his trip including one where he's sitting on an atv smoking a hand-rolled cigar, which he knew was going to be an issue even though he made it clear he wasn't smoking a blunt.

He captioned the photo,

"Hand rolled Dominican cigar and ATV's... great combination!!#iknowitlookslikeablunt #andIprobablyshouldnthavepostedthis #butthepicsolit #shoutouttotheshooter"

And what a coincidence, a short while after posting that picture Casillas was contacted by the NFL informing him that he'd been "randomly selected" for an offseason drug test. 

Check out the photo, as well as the text from the NFL, below.