While New York City has made moves to remove any discrimination against one's choice of hairstyle, the state of Georgia isn't quite there yet since an elementary school is receiving backlash after an image was posted showing "inappropriate" and "appropriate" hairstyles. The issue at hand is that the image only shows black children and their hairstyles. Hairstylist Danay Wadlington uploaded the image to her social media platform after a client sent her the post, sparking even more outrage. 

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

"It wouldn’t have been so bad had they included other races, but the fact that those are all little black faces and those are traditional black hairstyles, makes it worse," Wadlington explained, via NBC News. "They already have them wearing uniforms, why not let them have some individuality with their hair." The post has since been taken down at Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme School in Decatur, something Wadlington said was probably due to the outrage. The poster claimed tampered afros, fades and barrettes in the hair are inappropriate.

"This type of display of cultural insensitivity is due to a lack of oversight, accountability, professional decorum and quite frankly, care and concern for the social and emotional impact of black children by this school’s leadership and PTA," Jason Allen, a teacher in the state added of the matter.