New information regarding the murder of George Floyd has emerged, per CNN. Critical bodycam footage from the incident reveals what happened just moments before including Floyd's last words. 

Per the report, the videos begin with Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng responding to the call over a "fake bill." Within the first 40 seconds, the officers are yelling at Floyd to "Put your f**king hands up now!" after knocking on the window with a flashlight. Floyd's at the wheel crying as he pleads with the police officers. 

From there, Floyd is removed out of the vehicle with force while the police officers try to handcuff him. He's still crying while the police try to take him to the squad car. While trying to put Floyd in the car, Kueng is pushing Floyd into the car while Lane pulls him from the other side of the vehicle. At that point, Floyd's yelling and it's reported that's when he first said, "I can't breathe." Nearly 11 minutes and a half into the video, Chauvin begins applying pressure of Floyd's neck with his knee. Eight minutes in, Chauvin reportedly applies even more pressure on Floyd's neck from shifting his torso from an upright position to curled downward.

At 16 minutes into the footage, CNN reports that's when you hear Floyd's final words, "I can't breathe." Nine minutes after Chauvin started applying pressure, paramedics arrived to Floyd's lifeless body.

The Minneapolis PD said they won't release the bodycam footage since the investigation is still ongoing.