The BET Awards hangover is still in full effect as people reflect on the network's ceremony this past weekend. Lil Nas X performed his Billy Ray Cyrus-assisted number one hit (for the 12th week in a row!) for a worldwide audience and many couldn't help but remark on how the country music icon was rocking the stage. Comedian Gary Owen noted that country fans weren't as accepting of Beyoncé when she hit the Country Music Award stage back in 2016.

"Here's something I noticed," Owen said. "At the BET Awards this year, Billy Ray Cyrus performed with Lil Nas X and it looked like Billy Ray Cyrus had the time of his f*ckin' life. That dude's having a ball—in the audience and on the stage. But I remember a couple of years ago, Beyoncé performed at the Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks and there was the big uproar of how a lot of people didn't feel like Beyoncé should have performed at the CMAs."

"Isn't it crazy?" he continued. "I'm telling you, man. Don't listen to the media when they try to describe what black people are like. 'Cause black people just like to have a good time. Enjoy they self. Nothing like a good song and a good party. Hey, if you're ready to have a good time, come on in and hang out with black people. They'll invite you in. Try it. I tried it early. I'm still here. I'm still partying."