Game is currently prepping the release of his Jesus Piece album by doing promo, and that included a recent visit to Power 105's The Breakfast Club.

Game has a lot of going-ons surrounding him currently, whether it's beef with 40 Glocc or Shyne, helping people vote in NYC, his upcoming marriage and reality TV show, and his album itself, Jesus Piece, which caused controversy when the cover art was released. He touched on a lot of these topics during his interview with The Breakfast Club, starting with the 40 Glocc lawsuit.

Game doesn't seem to worried about the suit, saying he'll just pay 40 Glocc off. "Yeah but it's cool though, I'll pay him, it's cool," he says of the lawsuit. Although he hasn't settled yet, he is thinking that's what it will come too: "Nah, I didn't settle, but I'm pretty sure it's gunna come to that, 'cause I'm pretty sure all he wants is some money. 'Cause once he got knocked out it pretty much took his street cred, so all he have left to do was sue, so if he can get a Prius off me it's all good." He added, "I'ma just pay him, and probably knock him out again when I see him."

In Glocc's lawsuit he claims Game took out a gun which he threatened him with, but Game denies this, "I only got two hands, like I had a camera in one hand and I was hitting him with the other, like nobody pulled guns on that dude, I don't be understanding that, but I guess that makes it better for the lawsuit." 

The talk soon turned to discussion of Shyne, who recently got on Game's bad side when he dissed Kendrick Lamar's debut album, calling it "trash." 

"I had a lot of respect for Shyne, and always showed love to dude from the early stages of my career til now, but you know, dude [Kendrick Lamar] is from Compton, he's prolonging my city's stay, and doin' his thing and the album's dope. And he's not gunna respond, so I felt like I had to take that and I did," Game said of the situation, "I just feel like he bored so jumping out the window for attention."

Recently when discussing his fifth studio album, he drew comparisons of it to Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001, but Game says the comparisons were misconstrued by the media, as he explains what he really meant to Power 105. "That got misconstrued through media. I said it was reminiscent to how Chronic 2001 was put together, it was like Dre and all of these dope features around it. And Jesus Piece is sorta like that. It's feature-heavy, but for a reason. The reason being is because I found that while I was in the creative process for this album, that a lot of artists felt like me. They believed in God but they didn't really want to change the make-up the person of that they really were and wanted to be. So I start having these conversations with J. Cole, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and so forth and I just started realizing that everybody felt like me so I kept it going."

Game is confident Jesus Piece is his best album yet, "This is my best album, number one, I'm a little bit more seasoned than I was in the beginning, I was focused the entire time, and this is my first album since The Documentary where I was able to be there from the start all the way to the mixing and mastering and then I got on the road."

Watch the full interview with The Breakfast Club below. Jesus Piece drops December 11th.