Shyne recently went on his Twitter account to give a review of Kendrick Lamar's Interscope debut, saying the album was trash. Hot 97's  Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and K.Foxx decided to call up the rapper and get an explanation on his review. 

Shyne stands by what he says, and say it's nothing personal and he's not hating. "I'm not talking reckless, I said the young boy got potential, I said he was talented, but the album is trash. That's tough love!"

He explains he had initial love for Kendrick, and heard him on a few tracks previous to the album release which he liked. "I heard him on a few joints, and I was like 'yeah, shorty nice," Shyne said. "When he was comin' out with an album, I was like 'okay, I'ma hear more of that.'"

"I was lookin' forward to dude being nice," Shyne continued, before revealing his dislike for Kendrick's beat selection, "Beats is trash, number one. And once your beats is trash you finished, 'cause then you can't handle good flow, I don't really wanna hear what you say, I go by a Dr. Cornel West album if I just wanna hear somebody talk about deep and profound things."

Shyne added, "And the way I'm coming at the young bro, is 'cause I feel bad for him cause everybody gassin' him right now, everybody's on him."

Listen to the audio below.