Shyne once again makes the news for potential beef. This time, it's against Game, who took to Kendrick Lamar's defense, when Shyne originally commented on K. Dot's good kid, m.A.A.d city, calling it "trash." 

Shyne expressed his thoughts on Game taking it public the way he did, without coming to Shyne first and talking about Kendrick with him. He refers to Game as his son, saying, "My son, my student, the Game...I gave him life..." he continued, "That's my son, like literally, for him to get all emotional and start crying like a chick, I don't really get it." 

Shyne says Game should have spoken to him personally before openly commenting on his analysis of Kendrick's album. "So he felt a certain type of way, cause that's his little homie, the Kendrick Lamar kid, he coulda hit me on the one-and-one, and been like 'yo, b, fall back. That's Compton right there, we rootin' for the little homie, fall back,' and I would have fell back, I might have did a retraction! That's grown man conversation right there."

"I'ma say how I feel, whenever I feel, and that's that," Shyne added.

When VladTV asked if he would be open to collaborating with Game in the future, he says an apology is in order, but yes, he would. "Yeah if he apologize. I told him, you know my exchange with him

Listen to Shyne's lengthy response below.