If you haven't seen the 2000 cult-classic film, Bring It On, you should do so expeditiously. In the film, Gabrielle Union plays the tenacious captain of the East Compton Clovers cheerleading squad. Union continues to be admired for that iconic role, so anytime she references it, the Internet will surely erupt with its easily-triggered nostalgia. 


This was the case when Union posted, on Instagram, a slideshow of her daughter, Kaavia James, dressed as her mama did in the movie. Rather than having "Clovers" written across the chest, Kaavia's mini cheerleader uniform says "Runza", as it was a gift from the Nebraskan restaurant chain to welcome Union back to her hometown. This trip marked Kaavia's first visit to Nebraska and based on the photos, she looked very happy to be there. This week, Kirsten Dunst, who starred alongside Union in Bring It On, said she'd be interested in doing a sequel. So perhaps Union will dust off her Clovers uniform and match with her daughter if this movie ever comes to fruition (which it most likely won't). 


Not only did Union post these adorable pics on her own account, but also on Kaavia's. Yes, the 10-month old has her own Instagram page, "run by my 'rents", as indicated in her bio. Kaavia James is the first child of Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, who was conceived via surrogate after the couple experienced fertility troubles.