G Herbo has stories. It's clear from the jump that the young veteran has experienced an eventful career. With countless shows and tours under his belt, we caught up with the Chicago rapper to talk some of the wildest moments he's experienced on the road. Keeping a watchful eye on his girl's Morkie pup "Prince," Herbo dropped a range of jewels, addressing the women mobbing him at his shows. "Girls on stage, they try to grab my groin area, just crazy shit...I may have to stop the show and tell them 'stop doing that'."

Herbo also shared his form of therapy - Netflix and blunts - before revealing the movie he watched six times in four days. The topic of film soon turns to the rapper's idols. "There's something about Pablo Escobar," says Herbo, "Man, I just look up to him. I love Pablo Escobar, everything her ever done, honestly."

Herbo recently confirmed a summer release for his debut studio album Humble Beast. Stay tuned for part two, where Herbo reveals more details about the upcoming album.