Chi-town rapper G Herbo got licked by the fires of homophobia on Thursday when photos of a man performing fellatio surfaced online. The G Herbo look-alike inspired homophobic Twitter users to diss the Ball Like I'm Kobe spitter.

He was quick to put all speculations to rest, taking to Facebook to declare he's not the man in the photos. 

This hasn't deviated some users from their witch hunt though. Some are still trying to find out who the regular dude is even though man love is legally allowed in all 50 states.

Here below are some of the most incendiary comments we could find online. Some have tried to defend the Chicago rapper but ended up posting homophobic tweets in the process. If history proves true, all these users are now on a watchlist and run the risk of getting banned or suspended from the social network for hate speech.

What if it were G Herbo in the photos? Would you care?