If you're not from Chicago, there's very little chance that you'll understand a damn word from what G Herbo is saying in this video explaining why he was placed in handcuffs this weekend.

Fans of the rapper have been wondering why he was seen with his hands placed behind his back, with police officers putting him in handcuffs and walking him away in Los Angeles. According to G Herbo though, it was all a big misunderstanding.

Taking to social media to explain what went down as he got his bags from the airport, the PTSD rapper told his side of the story.

He explains that he was with his crew when they heard the sirens, pulling over right away and not putting up a fight. He even included cop car sounds in case that much wasn't clear. Then, the cops asked him to hop out of the vehicle, which he complied with. At that point, fans started pulling up and going crazy, which caused the cops to get a little scared. "We got to take y'all to the station," says Herbo, recalling what he was told. 

Thankfully, it doesn't seem as though any charges were pressed. It was just more of a precautionary measure.

Did you understand Swervo's explanation?