Complex was Open Late last night, inviting G Herbo onto one of their video segments to have a quick chat with Peter Rosenberg. The Chicago artist has been experiencing some major success this year after his "Who Run It" freestyle went viral, prompting a whole bunch of copycats to follow suit. With Swervo out now, Herbo has made a name for himself and is a major figure in Illinois. During his sit-down, he spoke about a few other Chicago artists, namely the controversial happenings from the last few months. Of course, Kanye West's slavery comments were a topic of conversation as the artist also spoke on Vic Mensa's controversial BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher.

Originally, Herb was not a fan of the comments Ye made on TMZ Live, pulling a fit on social media and berating Mr. West. He initially wrote, "He a b*tch, traitor judas ass," after the statement was made but the post has since been deleted and Herbo has changed his tune. He is now trying to understand where Ye was coming from, saying that he's since been around the man and figured out what he intended to say. "I wasn't pleased because I didn't understand the direction he was going in," he said. "I'm not saying I understand what he's doing now, but just being around Kanye - I've been around him more than once - but being around him in settings like this, where you can really talk to him, I kind of feel like he got good intentions. Not saying he's doing it the right way, but he got good intentions."

Herbo namedrops people like Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner, saying that slavery was a choice for them as they made a decision to move forward and make a change. What do you think of Herb's defence of the comments? He speaks on it after the 8-minute mark.