Most people have probably seen Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary and have gotten a better understanding of the craziness that went down behind the scenes of the best festival that never happened. One part of the film, where Andy King explains how he was preparing himself to give a blow job to customs officials, has become a viral meme.

"I said, 'Billy, what?' And he said, 'Andy, if you will go down and suck Cunningham's dick—who's the head of customs—and get him to clear all of the containers with water, you will save this festival," Andy said in the documentary. "And I literally drove home, took a shower, I... I... I... I drank some mouthwash. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh... I'm really' — and I got into my car to drive across the island to take one for the team and I got to his office fully prepared to suck his dick."

Andy has now spoken out about his claim to fame through the meme world and says he's "blown away."

“One of our biggest goals, obviously, is paying back all the people in the Bahamas,” King said in a video as seen below. “If I could drive positive influences and a lot of positive energy towards social and environmental impact, then I think I can utilize this moment to do a lot of good.”