Through no fault of his own, Future's fans were left disappointed twice last weekend, first at his Roots Picnic performance, which was cut early due to technical difficulties, and next at his headlining Summer Jam, which was cut from the show entirely. Future's manager, Anthony Saleh, has decided to clear the air on the events of Future's recent performances in case there is any confusion as to what happened. 

"Future’s two big performances were severely affected this weekend due to a firestorm of unfortunate events. To begin with, the generator that powered the sound at The Roots picnic went out multiple times during Future’s set and he was forced against his own will to end the show early," Saleh said in a statement to Billboard.

As for the Summer Jam cancellation, it was an even more complicated situation. "The storm that was fast approaching the NY/NJ area affected Hot 97’s Summer Jam. We sat around and watched the storm come and pass, ready to hit the stage," Saleh recalled. "Once we arrived at Summer Jam there apparently was a riot that broke out in a section during another set. We were told that the station was forced by the city and the venue to cut us from the show. The festival organizers came to Future’s dressing room and personally asked him to leave immediately. Future was crushed by the request but was told it was in the best interest and for everyone’s safety that he leave. We couldn’t be more disappointed but we promise our fans that in spite of the rocky start we will do everything in our power to make this summer one for the history books!!!"

Future's tour with Drake, which should be free of these freak occurrences, kicks off July 20th. Tickets are available through Live Nation