Many have called the sucker-punch a coward's way out, and rightfully so. Yet some care not about honor, and simply look to secure their own misguided win at any cost. We recently saw such a scenario during Future's recent trip to Ibiza, where his bodyguard found himself on the receiving end of a knockout blow. Thing is, the goon administering the blow made sure to strike when the bodyguard's back was turned, though given the man's celebration, you'd have thought he went toe-to-toe. Despite the fact that Future's bodyguard found himself cold-cocked, TMZ has confirmed that he does not intend on pressing charges. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Apparently, Spanish authorities have confirmed that no investigation is ongoing, as nobody has come forward to take initiative. As neither Future nor the victim appears willing to press this one further, the men responsible will likely go unpunished. Though probably to be taken with a grain of salt, TMZ also claims the bodyguard's "sources" suggest a disinterest in taking this one to the law. 

You can check out footage of the brutal attack below. Do you respect Future's bodyguard for letting this one slide? Perhaps some things are better left to the Karma Police.