Out of all of his children's mothers, Future appears to have the strongest relationship with Joie Chavis. That's not exactly saying much though. The man never mentions any of the women that have mothered his babies publicly. We're lucky to even hear a peep about his kids. At this point, if you want news about how Future's kids are doing, you've got to follow his respective baby mothers. Ciara is the most famous of the bunch, always sharing new photos and videos of her son Future Zahir while Eliza Reign, who is rumored to be carrying Fewtch's child, has been offering updates on her pregnancy. Joie Chavis shared pictures of baby Hendrix in the winter and she decided to update fans with some more of her son today.

The last time Joie shared a photo of Hendrix was right after his birth. Today, she changed that by updating fans with an adorable picture of the child in his crib with a huge smile on his face. He's playing with a few toys but Joie got him at the right moment, catching his attention for enough time to snap a memory of her son at four-months-old. 

Many have been flooding Joie's comments with heart emojis, telling her just how special baby Hendrix is. A few have also pointed out that Hendrix appears to have his father's eyes. What do you think? Does he look more like his father or his mother?