Future dropped The WIZRD last week, and he has dominated the first month of 2019 with his presence. Since the album arrived, Future has been on a crazy promo run. The ATLien was on the grind for his new album even before the project dropped. Today (January 23), Future takes his WIZRD press run over to TIDAL, and sits down with Elliott Wilson to speak about the new project. Wilson's CRWN series is one of the premier vlogs, always bringing a more personal touch to the interview process. Wilson's relationship with many of the artists brings out a different side of them. It's as if they're speaking with a friend, and their walls are lowered. Stream Future's CRWN interview live below. 

“This is the final fucking chapter of me,” Future told Rolling Stone. “The Wizrd always ahead, know what to do. It’s a long road, heading down this road I know how to maneuver down. I know how to detour off this road, also. That’s the Wizrd.” Future's latest album is projected to move between 110K to 130K units in its first week. If so, Future will snag the number one spot on Billboard 200, claiming his sixth chart-topping album. 2019 looks like it will be the year of The WIZRD.