Sure, Future releases a lot of good music, even on off years, but 2018 felt like the ATLient was evidently absent from the rap game. Despite releasing two projects, BEAST MODE 2 and WRLD On Drugs, as well as curating the Super Fly soundtrack, he still kept a low profile. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, the rapper explained he simply needed to unwind.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“In 2018 I just didn't want to do anything,” he said. "They just wanted me to do things, but I would just...I did a lot. Five years I was on the road. I didn't ever get a chance to go home. I've been on four or five tours all across the world, from European tour to Australia tour, to just doing it two, three times back to back. Soon as I get off a tour I got to go on another tour in two weeks, go on another tour."

The busy schedule over the years may have led him to several bags, but it didn't provide him the peace of mind one would need after hustling relentlessly for five years straight. The rapper explained that he took the downtime to travel and vacation.

"I never get a chance to vacation. I never get a chance to go nowhere, so 2018 was my first time going different places, and trying different, new experiences, and staying places over two weeks," he said. Adding that he really enjoyed the off-time, he said, "Yeah, I loved it. I enjoyed it, you know what I'm saying? I enjoyed just chilling, hanging around the house.”

With a bit of time to enjoy himself, Future seems reenergized for The WIZRD. The rapper's documentary of the same name drops tonight on Apple Music while the album is set to be released on Jan. 18.