Futuredropped his long-awaited project back in January called The WIZRD and since then, the rapper has been looking to promote the album and carry its momentum forward. The project is considered one Future's best thanks to his increased motivation to get introspective and talk about the things that have been bothering him since his last release. More recently, Future has partnered up with VEVO for a series of performances of songs off The WIZRD. Today, Future dropped two performances on YouTube, one of "Call The Coroner" and the other of "Promise U That."

"Call The Coroner" is one of the more hard-hitting songs on the album and has Future rapping about wanting to be a drug kingpin like Pablo Escobar. The visuals for this performance are interesting as the room is all white, while busts line the room. Future puts emotion into his performance which is aided by his backing track. On "Promise U That," the visuals get much darker, with the room only lit by some smoke. Meanwhile, women dressed in creepy black dresses stand idly in the background. 

You can watch both performances down below. Also, be sure to check out our review of The WIZRD right here.