Yesterday, an incarcerated YNW Melly celebrated his twentieth birthday, prompting a mild spike in the "Free Melly" movement. One such participant was none other than Big Future himself, who took to Instagram to offer up some birthday wishes to "da kid" before offering up a "free Melly" of his own. Of course, such loyalties are bound to spark division, especially given what Melly has been accused of doing. Yet Future has never been concerned with another person's opinion, and will likely continue to carry himself as he always has. 

Future's pledge of Melly loyalty follows one from his Super Slimey partner Young Thug, who slid a "Free Melvin" into some unreleased bars. Clearly, the incarcerated rapper has friends in high places, willing to look past his alleged crimes, perhaps choosing to examine an alternate take on the situation. Though Melly's circumstances certainly appear bleak, considering the fact that the death penalty is on the table, there are still many fans and artists alike remaining loyal to his cause.

Though Kanye West has yet to publically comment on Melly's alleged crimes, he had taken a keen interest in the young rapper's artistic development. If push came to shove, one has to wonder where he stands on the matter. In any case, look for Future to remain unwavering in his support for Young Melly, come what may.