Given that Lil Uzi Vert has gone so far as to stylize himself as "Baby Pluto," it's clear the Philadelphia rapper holds Future in utmost respect. It's no wonder, given how influential Fewtch has been on this new generation of melodic rappers. In fact, he may be the single most impactful forefather to date, to the point where he's got as many metaphorical children as he does real ones. In all seriousness, Future will go down as legendary figure when all is said and done, a feat made all the more impressive given how prolific his work ethic has remained.

 Prince Williams/ Wireimage/Getty Images

On that note, it's looking to get even busier for the High Off Life rapper, who appears to be sitting on even more new music. He recently took a moment to preview an uplifting new banger, albeit in a truncated form, that seems to feature none other than Lil Uzi Vert. His presence can be heard by way of an ad-lib, though it's highly likely he's featured more heavily in the final product. 

It's unclear as to when the new track will release, but many have already started speculating that a Life Is Good Deluxe edition is one the way. After all, why wouldn't it be? Deluxe editions have become the new normal, with many going so far as to be marketed as new albums entirely -- though they're seldom as memorable as the original. In any case, the more music the merrier, and from the sound of it Big Future isn't letting up anytime soon.