Funk Flex has definitely been a part of some key pieces of hip-hop history, including moments with the legendary Notorious B.I.G. While Funk Flex already has several gigs he's juggling right now, including his own website and DJing at Hot 97, he's about to take on another job.

Funk Flex has teamed up with journalist Karen Hunter and publisher Simon & Schuster to write a book of untold stories about Notorious B.I.G. The DJ is known for giving Biggie his very first interview on Hot 97 in June of 1994. In two excerpts from the upcoming book, Flex reveals how "Who Shot Ya" was originally slated for Mary J. Blige's album.

"The song “Who Shot Ya” was originally an intro for Mary J. Blige’s album. Uptown/MCA said it was too hard. The song in its original form had a verse from Big, Keith Murray and LL Cool J, though LL never did his verse. The song still exists!"


"I introduced Big to Nas on my block in Brooklyn. Nas came by to visit my sister, and I went and brought Big to the house. Nas had Illmatic out at the time… "

There's no release date or title yet, so stay tuned.