Having just funded a hospital in Uganda that's now serving over 300,000 citizens, French Montana has now made charity moves in his hometown of the Bronx when he teamed up with Mass Bail Out and bailed a woman out of jail. "Today I’m joining the @massbailout - a historic effort to free women and children who are jailed simply because they’re too poor to afford bail," French captioned a photo on Instagram. "Today I came home to the Bronx and posted bail for someone who should have never been caged in the first place.

TMZ caught up with the artist where he explained further why bailing the unnamed woman out of jail was so important. "I got a best friend doing 75 years in jail, I got another best friend doing 30 years in jail, one of my best friend's brothers is in that same place we left," he said, as seen in the video below. "I just feel like, you know, it's not a crime to be in poverty. I feel like you should never be guilty until innocent you should be innocent until proven guilty. [...] Just because you can't afford to be out of there don't mean you should be in there."

Watch his full explanation below.