The self-proclaimed "King of Chiraq" just shared the latest release date for his long-awaited Fredo Kruger 2 mixtape. Fredo Santana dropped part one of the Nightmare On Elm Street inspired mixtape series back in 2013, and the sequel has been subject to myriad delays. This time, however, fans are hoping the announcement is legit.

Santana shared a video promo on his Instagram and Twitter pages, featuring the mixtape artwork intercut with footage from the legendary film series. In it, Freddy terrorizes a victim in a high speed chase, while simultaneously dousing himself in liquor like a crazed Mr. Lahey. As the video rolls, an eerie Santana banger scores the footage, presumably a cut off Fredo Kruger 2. 

According to Santana, Fredo Kruger 2 will be dropping May 29th.