Freddie Gibbs has distanced himself from Jeezy a lot over the course of the past year, after the two had a falling out and Gibbs left the CTE label. While Jeezy remained relatively quiet about what went down, Gibbs was quite vocal about his beef with Jeezy and didn't hesitate to call out the Snowman.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, Gangsta Gibbs has spoken on his former label head with XXL. He reiterated his past thoughts, including the fact that he thinks Jeezy is fake.

"Honestly, I can give two fucks about Jeezy. I ain’t got nothing to prove to Jeezy. From a rap standpoint, I gotta say what’s going on. I gotta say how I feel. If I don’t like a motherfucker, I’m not about to act like I like a motherfucker. For the media, I ain’t about to act like I like a motherfucker. For this fake ass Hollywood shit, I’m not doing that. I flat out don’t fuck with dude. He a liar. That is what it is. To me, it’s not real. Until you formally make that shit right with me…all the motherfucker gotta do is [say], “My bad, Gibbs.” But, motherfuckers act like I am crazy or some shit. I’m not about to make the media make me think I am crazy. I am not about to let motherfuckers trick me into [thinking], “Oh man, why are you doing that?” That’s how I feel about that punk ass nigga, and any other rap nigga that I got a motherfucking issue with. I’ma motherfuckin’ put they ass on blast, nigga," Gibbs said.

He also confirmed that life after CTE is good, and says that is has allowed him to evolve.

"I definitely evolved out of it. It was just growing pains, grown mistakes. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of something in the music industry. When you go to the team in the NBA, you think that team is going to win the championship, but they don’t. I’m pretty sure when Mike Vick went to the Eagles, he probably thought he’d be in the Super Bowl right now. He didn’t think Nick Foles would be starting and he’d be on the bench, on the way out."

Gibbs recently announced his new album Eastside Slim would drop sometime this year.