Freddie Gibbs made headlines recently for stating in an interview that he considers himself on the same level as artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Whether or not you agree with him, Reddit user SaucyMustard has pointed out that Gangsta Gibbs may be subtly calling out TDE artist Isaiah Rashad in an Instagram post this morning.

Rashad released the song “Smile” last night, and the cover artwork is somewhat similar to Freddie Gibbs’ artwork for the songs “10 Times” featuring E-40 and Gucci Mane. The caption for the post in question says “Never duplicated #ESGN,” but the same Reddit user says the caption was edited since its original posting. The user claims the post originally read, “Funny how the dudes at "big" labels and companies always bite other peoples shit. Often imitated never duplicated. #esgn,” which is still fairly vague.

Gibbs also posted another photo to Instagram with a similar caption right after his initial post. Given A$AP Rocky’s thoughtful comments on being an influential artist yesterday, it would be poor timing to go after a popular artist for biting a style or image.

What do y’all think, is Freddie Kane coming after Isaiah Rashad, for his “Smile” artwork, or are we way too deep right now?