Based God was right -- this was the statement Frank Ocean chose to share before opening up about his sexuality on Tumblr back in 2012. Obviously, Lil B has inspired the reclusive singer, and thus it makes sense that the Oakland rapper will be featured in his new magazine, Boys Don't Cry.

The magazine is expected to be released in July, the same month that we'll receive Ocean's highly anticipated Channel Orange follow up. As for Based God's feature, it was brought to light by celebrated director Nabil (who worked on Ocean's videos for "Novacane" and "Pyramids," among others). The filmmaker posted a photo of himself with Lil B on Instagram, causing speculation that the two had shot a video together. Nabil later clarified with Fader that it was actually a shoot for a Based God feature in the mag -- one that will be accompanied by an interview conducted by Ocean himself.

For those who got their hopes up for an incredibly ambitious Lil B video, Nabil added that he would definitely work with the rapper in the future, calling him a "cool bro".

In case you forgot, Ocean and Lil B were in the studio a couple months back. So you'll also have new music to look forward to.

View the posts below, and look out for the magazine this summer.