Frank Ocean has been pretty reclusive over the past year. After releasing his debut album, Channel Orange, to both critical acclaim and Grammys (a weirdly rare feat to get both these days), he disappeared, deleting his Twitter account and rarely doing interviews. Still, we've been told that Frank has been working on his sophomore effort since only a couple months after Orange dropped, so as far as we know, he's been holed up working on music all this time.

The first update from Frank in quite some time comes courtesy of Lil B, who reports that he and Ocean were in the studio together. It's not clear who's project they're working on, but the collaboration shouldn't come as to much of a surprise, as Frank quoted the Based God in a message just before posting the now famous recount of his first love, where he opened up about his sexuality in 2012.

If "Based God Was Right" then, he's probably right this time too, and we should be hearing some new music from him and Frank soon enough.