Latavia Roberson wanted to stroll down memory lane yesterday. The singer posted a picture of the past formation of Destiny's Child, reminiscing about a trip they had taken while promoting the group's second studio album The Writing's On The Wall.

Her post was generally positive as she shared the candid shot with her fans.

"We was on our European leg of the tour promoting TWOTW. Our oversea fans showed us a good time!!!! #TeamLovers I love sharing these memories with those that appreciate and have that genuine love for me"

Then, a member of the beyhive popped it's head out to take a shot at Roberson.

"Girl keep your two cents you LEFT the group"

Latavia was quick to take a swipe back at the Beyonce stan, referring to the person's display picture. At the time of the post, the twitter user's photo showed a balding man, smiling in some kind of stock photo type of headshot.

"Just like your trying to keep those 2 strands of hair left on your head please remove yourself from my mentions"

The Twitter user's photo must have been a real representation of the person since they have since decided to change the image, swapping the baldy for a picture of Queen Bey herself. Latavia officially won this round.