After their playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, pretty much everyone on the internet took a shot at Odell Beckham Jr for a number of reasons, including the fact that he had gone to a boat party in Miami the week before and punched a hole in the lock room wall after the game. We can add one more opinion into the mix after yesterday’s episode of “Undisputed,” where Ray Lewis gave his perspective. His quote is below in full.

“Real friends tell you ‘Don’t come to Miami, not if you’re playing Aaron Rodgers. We’ll see you in four weeks.’

“Real friends will tell you straight up. ‘Bro, you cannot come do what we’re doing right now.’

“…. I remember when I was younger, when the things that I wanted to do… [Shannon Sharpe] and Rod Woodson made a decision because they knew I was young and said ‘OK, you want to get out sometimes? We’ll go with you.’ We took rides together. But then there were certain times that he would look at me and say, ‘We ain’t doing that. There are certain things we ain’t doing.’

“And when I think about what I would tell Odell is, I don’t know if Odell really understands [that] sooner or later your talent won’t get you into stadiums. Sooner or later you’ve got to be on this side of the road. And this side of the road? Opportunities come from what you did while you were playing. So the brand is what kids like Odell Beckham are throwing away.”

Ray Lewis may be on TV now, but back in his playing days he was accused of murder after he and two friends killed two people in a vicious street fight. He was acquitted based on self-defense, but the accusation still haunts him to this day. Then again, maybe that does make him the right person to give this message to Odell.