Floyd Mayweather has reportedly filed a lawsuit against his former girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, who allegedly used his credit cards on the low to go on shopping sprees and kept her purchases at a separate location so he was none the wiser. 

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Floyd claims that his ex would praise him in public and show support for him when he got any bad press, strictly so she could gain his trust and confidence and get away with her devious scheme.

Per TMZ Sports,

"As a result of that confidence, Mayweather, who's education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect either his cash or his credit card statements for theft by Jackson."

The retired boxer reportedly discovered he was being dupe only when a mutual friend told him that his ex had been bragging about her scheme.

Mayweather and Jackson met in 2006, when she was a 21 year old hostess working in Atlanta. Mayweather publicly dumped her eight years later by posting an ultrasound photo on social media which included a caption stating that she aborted their twin babies. 

Jackson, who is currently in a relationship with Nelly, is suing Mayweather right back for a number of reasons, including domestic abuse and invasion of privacy.