Due to the Coronavirus, everyone has been advised that they should be practicing social distancing. This means it's better to keep your distance from people and to always wear a mask while you are out in public. Most people have been doing a good job at following the rules and keeping a safe environment for their peers. It's exactly why we have seen a decrease in daily infections over the past couple of weeks.

However, there are still some people out there who feel as though the rules simply don't apply to them. Floyd Mayweather appears to be one of those people as recently, he was spotted partying it up at the International Boutique Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the clip posted by the nightclub, below, you can see Floyd standing in a crowded room with not a single person wearing a mask. 


With everyone pressed up against each other, the optics on this one are pretty bad. While Arizona has relaxed their stay-at-home orders, there is still a very high risk of getting the virus which could then be passed on to someone a lot more vulnerable. Hopefully, everyone at the club washed their hands when they got home that night.

As for Floyd, perhaps some gloves and a mask would be a wise next purchase.