Back in 2011, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Shelia Frederick went above and beyond the requirements of her job to save a girl from a life of sex slavery. Reported by WTSP, Frederick noticed a suspicious man with a teenage girl, left a note in the bathroom for the girl, and eventually called the police who arrested the man for human trafficking. 

"Something in the back of my mind said something is not right ... He was well dressed, that's what kind of got me because why is he well dressed and she is looking disheveled and out of sorts ... She wrote on the note she needed help ... I've been a flight attendant for ten years and its like I am going all the way back to when I was in training and I was like I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn't even know ... If you see something, say something."

Check out the WTSP news report on the event below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you saw something suspicious, would you report it?