With "Trap Queen" near the top of the charts and a new "My Way" remix from Drake, the ultimate cosign, Fetty Wap decided it was time for a new look. The Zoo Gang head honcho recently posted an Instagram showing a new hairdo: shoulder-length blonde dreadlocks. 

If you saw Fetty on Fallon the night before, you'll know the new dreads can't be natural. Anytime a rapper debuts a new look on the 'gram, he should expect an influx of haters, and Fetty was ready, taking the time to respond to individual comments bashing his new style. 

Human hair ain't cheap--assuming the dreads were natural in the first place, and some chided Fetty for frivolous spending, to which he responded: "when you want what you want an can afford it it's not about the cost it's about what makes you happy." 

He also took the negative comments as a newfound status symbol: "you no niggas really made it when niggas they don't no watchin they whole life." Both of the aforementioned comments were followed by "100" emojis. 

To take the cake, Fetty posted a selfie of himself sleeping in a pile of $100 bills, captioned: "Dreamin bout the money & ya still on my hair lol." 

What do you think of Fetty's new look? 

Check out the Instagram posts below.