As you probably know, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have been embroiled in a heated social media feud, which has found both parties holding nothing back. Now, TMZ has caught up with a mutual friend of both men, Fat Joe, to pick his brain. 

Despite the fact that Floyd and Fif's feud has gotten dirtier than ever before, Fat Joe clearly believes that brotherly love will prevail. "These guys, I know they love each other. I'm tired of being the middle guy. I'm tired of the guy breaking everything up. I mean, you know, they're brothers, man. I don't like it. I don't like it. Because they're both beautiful guys to me, man."

Given the severity of the accusations being slung, the reporter wonders whether or not there could ever be peace between the parties. Joe seems cautiously optimistic. "They have a very special brotherhood friendship. Maybe somewhere down the road, you know me and 50 had beef seven years ago, now we cool," he continues. "I really believe that they sincerely love each other and they're brothers. Unfortunately, this is playing out on social media."

He proceeds to liken 50 Cent to a pitbull, who locks in and never stops his attack. "He loves this shit," says Fat Joe. "But Floyd giving him a run for his money, he right there." It's interesting to hear him reflect on the feud as if an actual boxing match. One has to wonder if the two brothers-turned-foes will ever take it there. As for Joe's loyalty, he insists on remaining neutral. That doesn't stop him from issuing a spirited bellow of "get the strap!"