Keanu Reeves fans are losing their minds. It was recently revealed that Matrix 4 from Warner Bros. and John Wick 4 from Lionsgate will be released on the same day. The movies will drop on May 21, 2021, which fans are now dubbing "Keanu Reeves Day." The talented actor is in a career Renaissance. After staring in John Wick in 2014, Reeves began to pick up steam once again in the same fashion that he had while staring in the Matrix trilogy.

Reeve's character Neo died in the last Matrix film, which has left many fans curious as to how they will bring him back into the story. New sensation Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who has starred in the new Watchmen series, Aquaman, Black Mirror, The Greatest Showman, and The Get Down, has been cast in the leading role for Matrix 4. John Wick 4 on the other hand, will pick up with the titular character fighting his way back from an almost lethal attack that has left him in the care of the Bowery King. Fishburne is also set to star in Matrix 4 with Reeves, making it a back to back outing for both of them.