Some concerts get wild, but the annual Shocktoberfect at the University of California, Irvine got out of control. Famous Dex usually gets the crowd excited by hopping into the masses. In fact, I have yet to witness a show where Dex doesn't crowd surf at one point or another. Dex continued his habit of joining the audience while performing at Shocktoberfest, but according to the Los Angeles Timesthe fans rioted in response. 

Once Dex hopped off the stage into the crowd, concertgoers began to rush the stage. Authorities were unable to stop the concertgoers from rampaging the stage, so they canceled the entire event before it was over. “University police on site declared it was a dangerous situation,” Tom Vasich, a spokesman for the campus stated. “So they turned on the lights and canceled the rest of the show.” Partial refunds are being considered. 

“Concertgoers left the arena in an orderly fashion,” Vasich continued. “Two people were arrested for intoxication.” After the chaos left Bren Event Center, Dex attempted to leave the campus in a white vehicle. He and his crew were stormed by fans, who surrounded the car and would not allow it to leave. In a video of the incident, Dex's crew can be heard telling the crowd to back off before the rapper pops out of the back seat himself with a gun in his hand. The person recording immediately stopped at that point, and Dex was reported to campus security. Dex and his crew left the area, and UCI police issued an alert that advised, “a male 25 yr, 5’11, was seen inside white vehicle…with a gun at Pereira & W. Peltason. Call 911 if vehicle seen.”