It's been a minute since we've heard from Famous Dex, who has been flying relatively below the radar since last year's Dex Meets Dexter. Of course, "Japan" still pops up in radio rotation from time to time, but all things considered, it's been somewhat of a Dexter drought. Though some speculated he has since retreated to the woodlands to pursue a career as a lumberjack, in reality, he's been hitting the laboratory. As a result, it looks like we'll be getting some new Dex music sooner rather than later.

Taking to Instagram, Dexter announced his upcoming project Momma's Boy, along with an emotional message. "Rest Up mom Miss u so much," he writes, after revealing the date to be May 22nd. "An to All my Fans Sorry For the Wait The Album gone be So Fire."

Clearly, Dex intends on dropping something for his loyal fanbase, who have kept by his side throughout the wait. As for the title, perhaps it suggests a more personal outing from Dexter, though that remains to be seen. Either way, it's good to have the animated rapper back in the fold. You on the lookout for this?