Prior to her 2014 marriage to Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union was linked to plenty of other names in the industry, including Chris Howard, Ludacris, Jason Kidd, and Darren Sharper. Apparently, she even once made out with comedian Faizon Love in a New York club.

During an exclusive interview with VladTV, the 53-year-old was asked about his rumoured steamy sesh with the actress. “Have I ever lied to you? Did you see Gabby come out and [act shocked]?” the Black-ish actor responded to the inquiry.

The interviewer then showed a photoshopped picture, posted by Dwyane Wade, of Favion’s face next to his wife’s that’s since been deleted. “I liked the way he did that, it was funny. We weren’t no item, we was just drunk at the club, kissing, tongue kissing. Y’know? She wanted to see what that tongue do,” he said with a laugh.

Faizon also revealed that Union wasn’t necessarily single during their kiss, but her boyfriend was present in the club. “At the time she was dating Vince Carter, and Vince was there. We were having a Hennessy drink off, and I clearly won. I remember the whole night, because the crowd went crazy and it was a crazy night. One of those New York special nights.”

The two men then went on discuss the Bring It On alum being a “bad female,” with Faizon pointing out, “see, people don’t say how cool she is. Gabby’s just cool, she’s not trying like these girls now try. These CashApp girls…She’s really that bitch! She’s a grown woman.”

Check out another clip from the comedian’s VladTV interview, where he gives his take on Charleston White’s slavery comments below.