It's no surprise that Facebook isn't the most popular social media platform anymore. A lot of people may agree that more of their parents or 'older family members' frequent the website more often and I, personally, would be lying if I said my Facebook wall wasn't filled with quotes from my grandmother. 

A new survey by Edison Research says Facebook has seen a decline in its users since 2017 that equals a 15 million drop, primarily in its younger 12-34-year old demographic. Larry Rosin, president of Edison Research, told the publication that this is the second straight year the number has gone down. 

The survey did not provide reasons as to why people in America have stepped away from the platform, but anyone could understand that's it's probably due to other popular apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. "We only show trace numbers of people leaving social media altogether," Larry said. "They're obviously just transferring their usage. The big gainer, interestingly, is under the same roof as Facebook. It's their co-owned Instagram."

"I should also mention that while we've seen dramatic reductions in usage among younger people, we're still seeing some gains among people, for instance, 55 and older," Larry added. "That is maybe not the advertising target Facebook is necessarily looking to work on, but it's not as if all is lost there."