Fab and Emily B had a rough start to the year but it looks like they've patched things up. In late March, Fabolous was arrested on domestic violence charges after allegedly assaulting Emily B but the two of them have been seen alongside each other at several events including Coachella, their son's birthday party and more recently, Pusha T and Virginia Williams' wedding. Fab and Emily B have been going on-and-off for roughly fifteen years at this point and it seems like Fab is feeling the pressure to follow in Pusha T's footsteps.

Despite having a child and being together for over a decade, Fabolous and Emily B haven't gotten married yet. Back in 2013, Emily B was seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger but we haven't seen it on her since. However, it seems like Fab might be ready to take the big leap and lock down Emily B. The rapper shared a photo of himself and Emily B in a photobooth with the caption, "Alexa play "Pressure" by 52 Savage" along with a ring emoji. 

Last week it was reported that Fabolous turned down his plea deal in his Emily B assault case. The rapper was finalizing the plea deal in early June which would have put him in a program for first-time offenders. It's still unclear why he decided to drop the plea deal but we'll keep you updated.