The particularly complicated plot thickens.

Despite a recent NFL ruling that stated that Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension was set to begin immediately, it will be put on hold yet again following a Texas judge’s decision to wait to lift the injunction that allowed Elliott to play in the first place despite the initial suspension.

It was on Wednesday that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated an injunction that kept Elliott’s suspension from being enacted and allowed the running back to continue to play, and in less than 24 hours the case was ordered back to New York. However according to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the court clerk told them that it would have 14 days to file for a petition for an en banc hearing, or a hearing in front of a full panel of Fifth Circuit judges, in Texas. The NFLPA has since filed a motion to recall the order and allow it the opportunity to seek an appeal in Texas. Because of this, the injunction will not be lifted until the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided on this new motion.

So right now, as the Dallas Cowboys are on a bye week, Elliott’s suspension is still not yet in effect, but it’s possible that a decision could be made as soon as Monday, and it’s likely that this decision will be a denial on the en banc hearing as petitioned cases were rarely heard in the Fifth Circuit last year with only six out of 200 cases making it so far.

"This is a desperate Hail Mary to keep this case in Texas, if it happens it's the play of the season for Ezekiel Elliott's lawyers," said CBS Sports Radio Legal Analyst Amy Dash.

If the en banc hearing is approved, however, it could be months before we see any action taken against Elliott in regard to the enactment of his suspension.