Evidence Breaks Down The Verses Behind His Track "Powder Cocaine"

Chantilly Post
February 16, 2018 15:17

"Powder Cocaine" is not about what you think.

Evidence recently paid a visit to our New York office to give a detailed break down on his track "Powder Cocaine" and what the Alchemist produced track means, verse by verse.

The track comes off his Wheather Or Not album and despite the title of the song, Evidence tells us he's never tried the drug. After calling on Catero to produce a hook, the singer came back with a verse that ended with, "But everything's fine if I try to remain Like powder cocaine."

"I'm like the only person in Los Angeles who didn't do cocaine," Evidence explains. "And Alchemist too, we made a pact, you know, when friends are young and we actually stuck to it." Evidence further explains how "this song is not a pro-cocaine song" but rather just using the saying as an expression of being all good. 

For the verse, "Got an ocean in mind, they wanna settle for streams" the rapper says it's a metaphor for thinking about the "bigger picture" but also "literally, I'm trying to push my units but these mother fuckers are trying to get me to stream shit out here."

Watch the full video to get a proper break down of the hype track. 

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