Jay-Z is one of the most commercially consistent artists of our time, boasting one of the deepest discographies in hip-hop. To further drive that point home, consider that 4:44 went platinum in less than a week. As a Tidal exclusive.

We've compiled a list of every single platinum plaque accrued by the Jigga man over his long and lucrative career. And if you're still skeptical about Hov's legacy, why not hear a reminder from the man himself?

"10 #1 albums in a row, who better than me?
Only The Beatles, nobody ahead of me
I crush Elvis and his Blue Suede Shoes
Made the Rolling Stones seem sweet as Kool-Aid too
'96, '97, '98, '99
2000, 2001 and beyond
'02, '03, '04, '05
'06 and 7, '08, '09
Back-to-back, double plat', I did what you won't
Men lie, women lie, numbers don't
Ain't nothin changed for, me 'cept the year it is
I think I have to send you a reminder, here it is"

- Jay-Z, "Reminder"

Cover photo by Al Pereira