The murder of George Floyd has been met with outrage across the country with peaceful protests taking places in numerous cities. Though with the involvement of the National Guard and local law enforcement the tensions have rose, many celebrities are chiming in with sometimes unpopular opinions on the matter.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Erykah Badu took to Twitter where she shared her thoughts regarding some of the protests across America right now, though not everyone appreciated it. "Military just part of a design. POWERS THAT BE designed it this way 100+ yrs ago. It is a flawless plan that has successfully kept us exactly where we are-In a position of servitude &consumerism.They BANK$ on our fear &emotions then pacify us w/ placation if u push bk," she wrote. "They know we are in revolt mode. WE ARE OUT GUNNED. FALL BACK for now. Family. THAT IS AN ORDER." Adding, "FALL BACK is not BACK DOWN." 

Though the bit that confused many was when she said the police and military are "also US." Adding that, "they just confused right now."

"Sometimes we are more interested in CHOOSING A SIDE than critically thinking. But it is humility that brings us to a place where we can observe all sides and make an informed decision while simultaneously seeing what is RIGHT AND to speak on it even in fear," she said in a later tweet.