The anticipation for the season two premiere of FOX's hit show, "Empire," had definitely reached it peak prior to the debut on Wednesday night. This was helped along by all the support and teasers from the cast members, as well as excitement about the new characters being introduced, with more celebrity artists taking part this season.

The season 2 premiere moved just as quickly and was just as over-the-top as the first season. Although it's got its fair share of corny moments, the drama pulls you in quickly-- with Lucious Lyon in jail and Cookie attempting to a stranglehold on their record label-- I won't ruin the ending though, for those who haven't watched it yet. Nonetheless, it seems the majority of us tuned in for the premiere, as it raked in about 16 million viewers according to the Hollywood Reporter. That's more a far larger number than anything else that aired that night, and a much bigger number than anything that aired the entire week, except for football.

Did you tune in?